is a leading provider of payment services, offering a secure, fast and low-priced system to send money from UK to anywhere in the world. We have taken something complex and made it straightforward

We believe that sending money abroad should be a simple and secure process with good value. We provide a wide range of payment options – from bank account transfers, to cash pick-ups and mobile wallet top ups – which allow clients to make transfers to any country, no matter the currency. Our payments can be processed in under 15 minutes. Payment options include:
• Cash pick-up
• Account transfer
• Mobile wallet

At Terry Services, we are continually researching the ever-changing world of payment services and customer demands and requirements. As such, we are always pre-anticipating the changing needs of the market, and of our customers, to invent new services that will be good for all. To do this successfully, we look at challenges creatively and, this approach has seen us keep ahead of other competitors. Our organisation provides a level of service that keeps our service reliable, efficient and cheap and our customers coming back!