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From the comfort of your home or office to your family and friends. Our network of paying agents has the most prestigious banks.

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How it works

Even if you’re thousands of miles away from the people you care about, your money doesn’t need to be! Forget visiting an agent or bank, here’s how to send your money with us online:

How to send your money online

1. Where do you need to send to?
Choose the country you would like to send to
2. How do you want to send it?
Depending on where you're sending, choose between Cash pickup, Bank deposit or Mobile money
3. How much do you want to send?
You'll always see our low fees and exchange rates up front
4. Who are you sending to?
Choose the reciever you would like to send to or create a new one
5. How would you like to pay?
Choose how to pay (bank account or debit/credit card), double check your amount and you're done!